jeudi 30 mars 2017

I want to believe
In the mercy of the world again
Make it rain, make it rain!

Learn to leave everything alone.
Do not come to a conclusion about anything.
There is no ultimate answer.

Speak with sincere and coherent words
In a soft and gentle tone,
Words that are clear in meaning
And rooted in compassion.
When looking at others,
Drink them in with your eyes
And open to them your heart, thinking
That through them you will come to awakening.
Great benefit arises from aspiring
To labor in the fields of virtue and kindness,
And from being the antidote
To the suffering of sentient beings.

Everybody is learning. ‘Disciple’ means ‘one who learns’. But the generally accepted meaning is that a disciple is one who follows someone, some guru, some silly person. But both the follower and the one who is followed are not learning.You cannot follow anybody. The moment you follow somebody you are making yourself an idiot and the one whom you follow is also an idiot - because they have stopped learning.

Jean-Paul Krishnamurti 

mercredi 29 mars 2017

Greta G, 1923

Ponder this very well. 
Your sadhana, your spiritual practice does not begin 
when you’ve gone to many teachers, and you’ve read many books. 
It actually begins when you give up everything. 
That’s when real sadhana begins, 
when you have surrendered everything,
when you’ve emptied yourself of all knowledge, 
all desires for liberation.
When you have become an empty shell, 
then your spiritual life begins. 
Until that time you’re only playing games with yourself.

Robert Adams  
Ponder These Things - 5th July, 1992
Birth of...

Kings Road, London, 1975

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Playground, Chicago, 1972, Bob Natkin

jeudi 23 mars 2017

mercredi 22 mars 2017

If there is to be a future, 
it will wear a crown of feminine design.

Sri Aurobindo

Nat Farbman, Lawrence Ferlinghetti at City Lights, 1957

Sonic Reducer
Find a place inside where there’s joy, 
and the joy will burn out the pain.

Joseph Campbell

mardi 21 mars 2017

lundi 20 mars 2017

Rocket From The Tombs - Ain't It Fun

... so what I want to tell you, and this is one of the most profound things I can say to you, is that if you and I are going to be ‘peacers’, if you and I are going to be people that are going to help the evolutionary process happen, we have got to be able to look suffering right in the eye and not flicker a bit. We have to be able to keep our hearts open as Hell. This game is not for the faint of heart.

Ram Dass